Bad Windsheim (er) Due to the low turnover in staff at HEUNISCH foundry, many employees could be honoured for their 40 or 25 years of service at HEUNISCH GUSS this year too. The two managing partners Dr. Christiane Heunisch-Grotz and Dipl. Ing. Christian Gerhäuser together with Technical Director Dietmar Eckl and HR Manager Ulrike Stahl welcomed the long-serving employees to a small ceremony. Works council chairman Markus Herger also joined the well-wishers. more...

Bad Windsheim in november 2018

New 3D measuring system at Bad Windsheim

As of September 2018, cast parts at the HEUNISCH Foundry in Bad Windsheim are being measured using the 3D scanner ATOS Compact Scan. The system contributes towards constantly improving processes at the initial sampling stage, as well as towards optimising the existing cast parts in Production. What’s more, pattern equipment can be inspected for wear and tear.

The comprehensive solution offered by ATOS Compact Scan opens up new areas of application and provides the operator with diverse opportunities in the 3D measurement of cast parts.

By introducing the system, initial sampling capacities are being significantly increased and the work processes at the foundry in Bad Windsheim are being organised even more quickly and effectively.


CastForge's debut on the Stuttgart exhibition grounds is already history. HEUNISCH GUSS presented its comprehensive production portfolio alongside 152 other exhibitors from 18 nations from 5 to 7 June, 2018. The trade fair for castings and forgings with processing far exceeded its target of 3,000 visitors over three days and registered 3,700 impressed visitors in total. more...

Four decades at Gießerei Heunisch

The company honours 11 employees for 25 years and 40 years at the Bad Windsheim firm

Bad Windsheim (er) Following a popular tradition, once again this year, the jubilarians of Giesserei Heunisch will be honoured for longstanding service to the company. Five employees have made the company their home for 40 years, six employees are celebrating their 25-year anniversary. Since 2012, believe it or not, 29 employees have been honoured for 40 years, and 48 people for 25 years of employment at Giesserei Heunisch. more...

Bad Windsheim in october 2017

Optimising casting technology

For years, Heunisch-Guss has been using MAGMA5 for early investigations of casting technology and possible causes of error for preventative quality assurance of its casting components.

Sections with air pockets
Sections with air pockets

With a GJL 250 exhaust pipe there were already concerns regarding critical air pockets early on. To avoid errors before the start of production, the casting technology was to be optimised. For this, the new possibilities for automatic experiment design in MAGMA5 Rel. 5.3 were used for the first time. more...

Images and Text: Dietmar Eckl and Matthias Hegwein

The magic word is team spirit.

Foundry Heunisch honors employees for 25 years in operation

Bad Windsheim – Honours conferred at Heunisch Castings today. In addition to a group of employees who are celebrating their 40-year anniversary at the company, Managing Director Dr. Christiane Heunisch-Grotz also bestowed honours on another 14 employees who are celebrating 25 years at Heunisch Guss (Heunisch Castings). “We are envied for our low levels of staff turnover and our stability,” enthused Dr. Christiane Heunisch-Grotz in her address to the employees celebrating their anniversaries and their close friends and family. They all share one common goal: “to continue taking Heunisch Castings forwards so it is able to maintain its position in the market,” explained Dr. Christiane in her laudatory speech. Team spirit is the key phrase that is prioritised and put into practice at Heunisch Castings. more...

Bad Windsheim in november 2016

Quartet brings it for 160 years in the foundry.

Employee honours at Heunisch-Guss - Immigration can compensate the deficit.

Bad Windsheim – This year, it once again proved possible for Heunisch Castings to award several honours to employees celebrating milestone anniversaries in the company. Four employees have now been working in the foundry business at Heunisch Guss (Heunisch Castings) for 40 years, and believe it or not, another 14 employees have been employed by Heunisch Castings for 25 years. more...

Bad Windsheim in november 2016

Cooling Down Slowly – In an Advisory Capacity

Wolfgang Heunisch is to step down from his position at the top of his company at the end of the year

BAD WINDSHEIM – He has been the Managing Director of the castings group that he himself founded for 36 years, but at the end of the year Wolfgang Heunisch is stepping down. The 77-year-old is leaving his position as Managing Partner but will remain available to the company for another two years in an advisory capacity. In a meeting with WZ newspaper, Heunisch tells us about the past, the present and the future – and sheds some interesting light on both the company and himself. more...

Bad Windsheim in october 2016

Politicians Gain Insights into an Entirely Different World

Delegations from the district and from South Moravia learn in a foundry that it’s not just in debates where things can get really hot

BAD WINDSHEIM (gb) – The Czech region of South Moravia and the district of Middle Franconia are working on building a relationship. The Bad Windsheimer Heunisch Group is represented in both regions with their foundries. That is why it was important for their managing directors to invite the visitors from South Moravia who had been staying in Middle Franconia since Wednesday to a tour of their factory in Hofmannstrasse along with their hosts. more...

Bad Windsheim in July 2016

High quality castings thanks to improved technology

The Heunisch foundry invests 2.5 million Euros in a new electrical melting furnace

BAD WINDSHEIM – the Heunisch foundry recently opened a third electrical melting furnace at its headquarters in the spa town. It was a question of the quality of the products manufactured at the plant on the Hofmannstraße rather than the quality which ultimately led the executive team to purchase the furnace, which cost almost two-and-a-half million Euros. more...

Bad Windsheim in July 2016

Research projects enter the next stage

Giesserei Heunisch's group research project "Industrial heat recovery through thermal energy storage", which is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy, was in the TOP TEN for the GREEN-TEC award 2015 in the production category.

Following this positive result, work continued apace together with the joint project partners, the Centre for Applied Energy Research (ZAE) in Garching and the industrial furnace and plant manufacturers Küttner from Essen, and the project is being further developed.

Since 2014, the ACTUAL status of the sources of waste heat and the corresponding consumers has been determined using a variety of measurement technology and the comprehensive data has been evaluated accordingly. On the basis of this measurement data and these evaluations, the planned energy storage system has since then been modelled and dynamically simulated during the course of a thesis at ZAE Bayern, among other things.

With all of this established, evaluated data and knowledge, a laboratory storage test unit has been developed, designed and built at ZAE Bayern. The core components of the project include the thermal storage and the absorption cooling machine. Work is continuing on the improvement and further development of the project, and in the distant future there will also be further guiding improvements.

Good to know… another step has been taken for the environment.

Bad Windsheim in May 2016

A quarter of a century at HEUNISCH GUSS

“25 years of working life is a very long time” remarked managing director Dr. Christiane Heunisch-Grotze as she paid tribute, warmly welcoming the long-serving employees. During a ceremony at the Heunisch foundry, long-standing employees were honoured. As previously reported, five people have been at the company for forty years, while eleven more were awarded for 25 years of loyalty to the company. more...

Bad Windsheim on 12.11.2015

Loyal to HEUNISCH GUSS for 40 years

Five employees at the Heunisch foundry have worked here for forty years. They have now been honoured for this. Managing director Dr. Christiane Heunisch-Grotz referred proudly to the large number of employees celebrating long service. She highlighted how this cannot be taken for granted in this day and age. more...

Bad Windsheim on 12.11.2015

Winners chosen

HEUNISCH GUSS conducted a competition at NEWCAST in Düsseldorf from 16 to 20 June 2015. The prizes on offer for the trade fair visitors were five hand-made wall clocks with a charge-air cooler housing cast in aluminium, processed, coated and integrated into the Corvette ZR1 by Slévárna Heunisch. To participate, visitors only needed to put their own visiting card into one of the prepared boxes.

Now the lucky winners have been drawn.

The winners will be informed in the next few days and handover of the exceptional clocks will be agreed.

HEUNISCH GUSS thanks you for visiting its stand and heartily congratulates the winners.

Bad Windsheim, June 2015


Among 2200 exhibitors, HEUNISCH GUSS presented their range of casts at NEWCAST in Duesseldorf. more...

NEWCAST 2015 – a worthwhile visit for Heunisch Guss

HEUNISCH GUSS headquarters in Bad Windsheim
HEUNISCH GUSS headquarters in Bad Windsheim

The established iron and light metal foundry Heunisch focuses on the location of Germany and produces parts there for agricultural machines and mechanical engineering, for clients worldwide. This year the customer foundry is once again represented at NEWCAST with its range. Heunisch sees the trade fair in Düsseldorf as an important platform and a central meeting point for partners and customers, in an international environment. more...

Düsseldorf in June 2015

Heunisch Guss