Giesserei Heunisch, Steinach GmbH

Hand moulded castings from GJL, GJS and NiFe-alloys

  • Rotary furnace
  • Flask sizes up to 3100 x 2100 x 1800 mm
  • Core shooters with capacity from 12 up to 24 litres
    and manual core production
  • Spraying work stations for primer painting of the castings
  • Quality checking metallurgy lab, 3D-measurement device, ultrasonic testing and crack detection
  • Range of weight: from 50 kg up to 2,5 to/pce.
  • From single part to smaller serials

  • We deliver among others to:
    Agricultural industry: such as prototyping components for the complete driving system and axle housing
    Air and cooling compressor: such as compressor housings, bearing cover
    Marine engeneering: such as gear housing, compression bearing, bearing block
    Mounting and hydraulic pumps: such as hydraulic block, oil housing
    special machinery: such as machine bearing, engine bracket
Melding area
Melding area
Hand molding
Hand moulding
Heunisch Guss